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House Republicans Oppose Bill That Would Help Low-Income Moms Stay Home Like Ann Romney

"It’s hard to overstate the extent to which Romney campaign is a study in pathological dishonesty and craven pandering wrapped up in blatant hypocrisy. 

You see, if you’re Ann Romney, being a stay-at-home mom counts as “work.” If you’re a low-income mother struggling to get by, being a stay-at-home mom is undignified and doesn’t count as “work.”

When Mitt Romney told the NRA last week, “I happen to believe that all moms are working moms,” we apparently missed the stage whisper to the attendees, “Unless you’re poor, in which case, those moms should get real jobs.”

Here are a few questions to ponder: why should Hilary Rosen’s observation generate a national controversy, while Ted Nugent gets to do the tour of every right wing media outlet. Why does Rosen’s accurate statement create faux outrage, while Romney’s multiple policy positions go overlooked? Or put another way, which of the two statements is more insulting to moms? Which of the two is more condescending? 

Why do Republicans hate women and intelligent men?”

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It’s called OCR (optical character recognition). Acrobat and many scanners do this by default. It detects letters and words on the page and allows you to add selectable text to the document without having to type it in manually.

Notice how when you hide a layer, it’s white behind it? If it was truly forged, you wouldn’t see any of the background missing. It’s white because it doesn’t know what’s behind the text BECAUSE THE TEXT WAS THERE WHEN IT WAS SCANNED.

Phew. There. All Obama birther conspiracies are done for—oh, crap. It’s like a dumbass hydra!”

I can’t even fucking believe how crazy some people can get. 


America is just full of attack politics. Why the fuck is this even an issue?

Why aren’t people focusing on the bigger issues facing the country than this bullshit.

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